Studio 1909 Corporate Video Production

Utah Professional Video Producion

Studio 1909 is fully staffed to produce professional videos for YouTube or Vimeo and other internet properties. From the director to the grips, we hand pick our staff to produce award winning video productions that engage and educate your customers. Studio 1909 has created commercials, product testimonials, product training, education, and live productions for both big and small corporations.

With online video and internet-enabled TV such as the Roku and Apple TV emerging as an explosive marketing opportunity for marketing professionals, you can engage your customers longer with professionally produced videos.

eCommerce Video Production

Studies have shown that attracting customers with video can increase your click-through-rates by more than 55%. Studio 1909 clients capitalize on the explosive growth of e-commerce enabled websites to preset clear and concise product information. Your message will get out to millions of consumers who will engage your products much longer than traditional websites. Studies have shown that visitors on your site will stay 2 minutes longer if your product or service contains a video.

Live Video Streaming

Businesses today are producing events for their customers and streaming them live on through the internet. Studio 1909 uses the latest internet broadcasting technologies to stream fashion shows, musical events, product announcements, product launches, seminars, and special speakers. Your production can be free, pay-per-view, and later sold as a video on demand. Studio 1909 can show you how to monazite events, reaching even the most remote customers.

Commercial Production

YouTube, Facebook, and traditional TV is anĀ  inexpensive way to to reach masses of people. Commercials are crucial to expanding your audience and creating brand awareness. Video viewers are 6 times more likely to buy your product or service if they saw it first online. Studio 1909 can create engaging videos that will be shared through the power of social media.

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